The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) invites you to register for the Community Alert Network. This service is intended to enhance communication between participating OCFS facilities and their community neighbors. OCFS operates residential youth facilities across the state and works with communities to be the best possible neighbor.

      The safety of the community, OCFS residents and staff are of utmost importance and we use the latest technologies to assist us with communication. We are happy to notify you of events that we believe may affect you as our neighbors. For example, you could be notified if a youth leaves a facility without authorization or if a facility evacuation is required. This notification will be in the form of an automated telephone call. Updates will also be provided. In order to register, please complete the form below.

Step 1:
Please select a county to see the facility or facilities in the county. You may register with more than one facility.

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Step 2:
Please enter the 10-digit telephone numbers(s) you would like to register for the selected facilities.

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